jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Parlavà, a place to visit by Narcís Font.

Parlavà, a place to visit by Narcís Font:

The name city is Parlavà. It’s in l’Empordà. L’Empordà is a country from Catalonia. Parlavà is very especial because has got the most important monuments of the world.
You can go to Parlavà by car, plane, boat, bike, skate and rollerblading. You can go to Parlavà in whenever you want but I recommend you to go in summer or spring because the temperatures are hot and you can go to the beach.
You can stay in the street or in my house. But I recommend you to stay in the street because it is fascinating.
You can visit the Eiffel tower and the big ben because it has got the biggest clock in the world and the empire state.
You can take a lot of things but I recommend you to take the swimming costume and the towel to go to the beach.

An amazing place to visit by Cecília Romero

An amazing place to visit by Cecília Romero:


Rome is a city in Italy with an important artistic history. The landscape is fascinating and interesting.
The best time to visit Rome is at any time of the year but in summer it’s packed with tourists and it’s usually boiling. The best way to get there is by car because you can see the landscape.
The most famous place to see is the Coliseum because it is an historic place. There are a lot of hotels in Rome, so you can stay the night.
If you visit Rome, you’ll need a camera, money and sunhat. And you must be fit !

An amazing place to visit by Ferràn Vilà

An amazing place to visit by Ferràn Vilà:


L’Empordà is a county from Catalonia. L’Empordà is special for the Costa Brava and the mountains of Pyrenees.
The best way to get there is by car and by bike because you can see everything there. The best time to visit L’Empordà is in spring and summer because the temperatures are warm and there are a lot of flowers.
You can sleep in hotels, campsite… You can visit: small villages, the fascinating beaches and Dalí Museum.
You should take a digital camera, a lot of money, a sunhat, a sun cream and a bag for the trips

By Ferran Vilà

An amazing place to visit by Roger Corominola

An amazing place to visit by Roger Corominola:

La Toscana is in Italy . It’s the quietest place in Italy, the landscape is fascinating.
The best way to get there is by car, the best time to visit is in spring and summer because the temperatures are perfect.
The most famous places are Siena town and Pienza because are quiet and there are good restaurants and hotels .
If you visit la Toscana , you’ll need: sun cream, money and the camera. You’ll stay in a hotel or in a camp side.

An amazing place to visit by Guillem Parals

An amazing place to visit by Guillem Parals:

Andorra is a smallest country in the north of Iberic peninsula it’s a great place to visit.
The best time to visit Andorra is in summer or in winter. The best way to get there is by car or on foot.
You can sleep in hotel Plaza or Hotel Roc Blanc. The best places to visit are the most famous street with lots of shops or the ski resorts.
You should take a lot of money for lots of shops and skiis.

By Guillem Parals

A website review by Jordi Salleras

A website review by Jordi Salleras:

One of my favourite websites is a social networking site called FACEBOOK. I have an account, and I use it to communicate with my friends, to share photos and videos, and sometimes just to get fun.
You can talk to your friends, with the chat. Moreover, you can post videos and photos, and you’re allowed to see what other people post.
However, you can’t see all your friends’ documents if you are not his friend. In addition, social networking sites aren’t fully safe. There are a lot of scammers and strange people, so you have to be careful.
FACEBOOK is a cool website. I think it’s one of the best websites in the world.

A website review by Guillem Ferrer:

A website review by Guillem Ferrer:

One of my favorite websites is a social networking site called Facebook. I’ve used since I was 12. I use this site to play free games and to communicate with all of my friends.
One advantage of Facebook is that you can play free online games. Moreover, you can watch photo and talk to your friend. In addition, you can watch videos and you can criticize other people’s videos.
However, people can watch your photos if you don’t change your security configuration. IN addition, it isn’t very safe.
People spend too much time on Facebook, but I think it is a very good website.

A website review by Anna Serradell

A website review by Anna Serradell:

One of my favorite tool on the internet is a music programme called Spotify. I have used it for 1 year. You can use it to listen to music.
One advantage of Spotify is that it’s free to listen to music. Moreover, it’s very easy to use. In addition, is you have Facebook, you can see songs that your friends have in their Spotify.
However, there are also some disadvantages. If you want to listen to music with Spotify for a long time you have to pay. In addition, if you know a music band that isn’t very popular you can’t find it.
Spotify is a god programme, but I think that it should always be free.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011


-Were you happy after the match in Santiago Bernabeu?
Yes because the referee halped my team.
-How many players in your team are doping in this match?
In this match all the players, because it is an important match.
-What do you prefer Unicef or Qatar Foundation?
Qatar foundation, because they give me more money.
-Who are eleven football players in Wembley?
Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Maxwell, Keita, Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, Messi, Pedro.
-Do you like Wembley?
No, because it’s an English stadium.
-Who’s the best player in the world?
Xavi and Iniesta.
-Where did you live when you are young?
In Barcelona.
-How many cars have you got?
Thirteen cars.
-Were do you think about Mourinho?
It’s a very good person and a good coach.
-Have you got Play Station?
Yes, I have one Play Station and sometimes I use it.
-The Play Station 2 or 3?
-Do you like?
No, because I play the PES 2011 and Real Madrid, always win.
Daniel Muñoz


When you were young did you like the school?
Yes, I liked a lot. I was not the best student in the class but I enjoyed school a lot.
Did you want to be a teacher?
No, I wanted to be a translator but when I worked as a translator, I didn’t really like it.
What is your hobby?
I like spending time with my family, going to the beach, going out with my friends, learning new languages….
Do you like teaching?
Yes is it very funny and I enjoyed it a lot.
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Verges but I went to school in St.Gabriel because my mother is a teacher there.
Where did you learn English?
First, I learnt all the grammar with Marta Capellà in St. Gabriel, then I learnt English at university.
How many languages have you studied?
I learnt lots of languages, such as Japanese, Italian, French, german and English but now I can just speak English and French fluently.
What are your plans for the future?
When my children are older I want to travel around the world with them.
Do you like Torroella?
Yes because it’s a quiet and nice place to stay.


1-Have you got anything in your brain?
- Oh, I have a lot of things in my brain, but it’s just about parties and drinks…
2-Did you pass secondary?
- No, I was very tired in 1st. Eso and I left school.
3-Did you drink a lot when the cope fell?
- Hahahahaha! Yes, I was very drunk and I think the cope was a glass of vodka and I let it go…
4-Where do you life?
- I live in my house! Hahahaha. But I have 4 houses… 1 of them is in Catalonia, but I sold, because the people threw bottles to me.
5-Do you have boyfriend or girlfriend?
- I have boyfriend.
6-Did you want to be a footballer when you were young?
- No, when I was young I want to be a hairdresser.
7-Do you remember the first time you played an important match?
- No… I have a little memory.
8-Are you supporter from witch team?
- From Barça, I’m a cheater.
9-What do you think will Barça do tomorrow?
- They will win of course! They always do!
10-You love Real Madrid?
- No! I love Barça, but Barça hates me.
11-You have sons?
- No…
12-Will you change the team?
- I want to change the team, but I’m very bad and nobody wants me.


-Did you want to be a singer when you were young?
Yes! When I was young I loved music and I began to play the guitar when I was six years old.
-How did you become famous?
I went to a quiz and my mum recorded me. Then she unloaded the video in youtube because my aunt couldn’t see it and she wanted to watch me.
-Where did you live when you were young?
I lived in Canada in Stradford.
-Who was your first girlfriend?
Ha, ha, ha! I think it is a girl called Yasmine.
-Do you remember the first time you played the drums?
Yes! My mother’s friends organized the concert to raise some money to buy drums.
-When you were young, were you happy?
Yes, I was really happy with my family!
-Are you happy, now?
Yes, I’m extremely happy! Now, I’m recoding a new CD.
-Are you single?
Yes, but I have a girlfriend. She is Selena Gomez.
-Where do you live?
I live in New York but sometimes I go to Canada.
-Who are your friends, now?
My friends are the same ones as before.
-What will you be in 1 year?
I don’t know. You never know. But I think I will in become less popular in the future.
-You are supporter from team?
Yes! I’m a Barça supporter.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011


By Narcís Font

-Where did you grow up?

I grew up in l'Hospitalet and I would like to barça school of the basketball

-Where do you live?

I live in Los Angeles

-Are you maried or single?

I have got a girlfriend, but I'm not maried.

-How did you become famous?

Because I like basketball and I'm good

-Will you have children in the future?

Yes, I would like to.

-Why did you decide to be a basketball player? When I was young i bagan play basketball ans I loved it.

-You are a supporter from witch team?

I'm a Barça suporter, because I grew up whit this team.

-Who do you think will win the Champions Leage?

Barça will definelely win the Champions

-Who is your favorite singer? Why?

I like Manel, because his music is very good.

-What will you do in one year?

I don't now, the future is unprediciable

-Did you want to be a singer when you were young?

No, I wanted to be a firefighter

-Are you happy?
Yes, because teh last year I won the NBA

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Albert Herrando is predicting his future :

Albert predicting his future: First I think I will go to university, because I will study a lot. I think I will have a very good job and I will earn a lot of money. I will live in a very big mansion, and I will become rich and I will have 2 children. I think I will get married. I think I won’t live in Torroella. I will become famous, because I will be a good basketball player. I think I will live in USA, because I will be able to have weapon and I will be able to use my property.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Jordi Salleras is predicting his future:

Jordi Salleras is predicting his future:

First, I’ll go to the university, I’ll have a very good job, so I’ll be very rich. I’ll have a very beautiful wife, and I think that I’ll have one child. I won’t became famous, because it’s so difficult! I’ll live in a very great big mansion. My neighbours will be very friendly. I hope that I’ll live abroad. I would like to live in Australia, it’s a great place!

Toni Cornell is predicting his future.

Toni Cornell is predicting his future:

First I think I won’t get married and I become Rémi Gillard because he’s the best. Afterwards I will travel a lot and I will visit different countries because I think it’s very interesting. So I think I will have a good life because I will do a lot of interesting things. But before doing this I will celebrate 18 years, I will study and I will go to a lot of festivals .

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Guillem Ferrer predicting his future:

What will you do in 20 years time? First I will be a theacher an I will teach History. Next Iwill get meried an I will have children. Next I will travel to Greece because I love History. I will live in anormal house in Torroella and I will get a normal salary. I will travel again but this time not in Greece but in Disneyland with my children. I will have nice neighbours.

Anna Serradell is predicting her future:

Anna Serradell is predicting her future: First, I think I will go to university and maybe I will study teaching or hairdresser. I will get married and I will live in Torroella in a house. I will probably have children. I think I will have a good job. I will travel to Australia, in the jungle and in the desert. I will travel a lot of places because I love travelling.

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011






GERARD MARTÍN -Winner Third Writing Competition

When she walked outside everything was on fire, the famous university was on fire, the sky was orange and the ashes were falling to the floor. All the people were surprised watching the big arson of the University of Oxford. Yes, it happened two years ago, and no one knows about it, it’s a mystery and no one wants to solve it now, nobody apart from me. I know that because I am her secretary for more than twenty years, we had a big friendship for a lot of time but I stopped working for her the day that I watched her making that madness… It past two years but I am living in a hidden small house in a mountain, because some people want to kill me…. They know what I know and I’m sure that one day they’ll find me. Before this day I want to tell what really happened in the famous mystery of 2008. This is why I’m writing this letter…. Lili did it, that’s the secret, investigate it please. Maybe when you read this I am dead. Make justice, that’s my only desire.

MARTA MUNÍ -Winner Third Writing Competition

She walked outside and everything was on fire.She had been staging on the library; she had heard a big noise and the earth had started to move. Outside, she saw people really scared and shocked, they didn’t know what to do. Andrea started to run back home, her old parents were there. While she was running, she started to realise that an accident had happened. An airplane had fallen down onto some houses and there were some injured people. The atmosphere was really bad. She couldn’t see anything because of the smoke and she couldn’t stop hearing fire engine sirens and the cracking noises from the fire. Suddenly, her phone rang. Her mum was calling. She not only wanted to know about Andrea but to tell her that they were in the hospital. Her dad just died. At the moment, the stopped for her. She couldn’t believe it. Nowadays, people are happy again, the little village has already been repaired and the accident is in the past. But Andrea doesn’t think the same. This accident has changed her life forever.

ISHAMARA CUEVAS - Winner Third Writing Competition

She walked outside the hospital and everything was on fire. Alex works in a hospital in Holland because she was a nurse. Alex is 22 years old. She didn’t have a boyfriend and children, in these moments she felt good, and she didn’t need a boyfriend and children. Alex felt scared but, she decided to walk around the city to find out why everything was on fire because she was extremely brave and curious. Alex saw that she was alone, she become lonely. At this moment she wanted to be with someone, if was possible with her “boyfriend” , but she didn’t have one. The sky was dark. It was raining at the same time everything was on fire. It was like a horror film, paranormal. It was impossible that this was happening. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Alex started to feel strange. The water in the river was extremely murky, all the fish dead and floating on the surface. Everything was green; there were a lot of algae. It was absolutely disgusting to see. The scrapers were damaged and falling down. Without a second thought, Alex ran quickly to her house. She had to think quickly about things she had seen. She remembered that the news had predicted this. The pollution of everyone in the world had caused this paranormal situation. They had warned as that this would happen if we didn’t look after the environment. We should have listened.

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010





Nil Romero - Winner Second Writing Competition

Once upon a time in a little village on a big field one a dragon blow on the houses of the village and he burnt the house of the people of the people of the village. This dragon lived in a mountain and he protected some old treasure in the cave of the beach.
A one explorer of the village looked around the mountains, when he didn’t see the dragon, he went to the cave, while he was leaping over the rocks he become tired so he laid in the fields. Suddenly he found the old waterfall in this waterfull there was an old magic jacuzzy, and this water magic, he took a beautiful magic cup, this water transformed the explorer in a flying car, he flew around the island and he sho the big dragon, and the dragon died. After the victory the explorer became a big tresor in the village. The reward with his victory was a little cottage on a hillside with a beautiful doorbell, and the all of his family went to live with the explorer incluiding his stepmother and grandfather.

Roger Blanco - Winner Second Writing Competition

Once upon a time, a pop star called Travola, who lived in a cottage in the mountain. She lived with a frog and it was called Blup.
One day, in the forest, the pop star found a magic box in the middle of two rocks. She split it and took the carpet of. She blew the box and she opened it. From inside of the magic she got a talking fish. The talking fish said that he was from another galaxy and he needed to return to his planet.
He sad thank you for open the magic box and helped him.
The fish spat in the floor and a really big lake appeared, like a sea. Then, he leapt into the lake and he disapeared from this day, the pop star had ever big audience and fans.
She thought that it was for the talking fish…

Júlia Bahí - Winner Second Writing competition

Once upon a time I was in a strange wood. I was sitting on a tree with my friends and I saw a girl who was looking for something. Oh! Sorry, I didn’t tell you my name yet: My name is Cristobal and if you aren’t surprised now you will be surprised when I will tell you what I am:
I’m a bird, a talking bird.

Well, I will continue with my history.

The girl seemed worried and sad and I wanted to ask her but it was too late, the strange girl started to walk to the mountain. I thought to follow her and ten minutes later my thought became real: I started to follow the girl. From now I will call her Princess.
I looked around the wood but I couldn’t find her. I looked for her a lot of time but the princess didn’t appear. After one hour I started my perfect plan. I hurried up and I walked to the mountain. After a bit I found a cottage. I wanted to find the princess and for this I rang the doorbell. No one opened the door for me and I flew into the larder window. I went down the stairs and I found a jacuzzi. It was full of water and it seemed that someone was there not long ago. I was very tired and for this I went in the jacuzzi. After that the things changed a lot.

Suddenly I appeared in a very dangerous street. I was frightened because I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly I heard a noise. I turned and I saw a bank robber who broke into the bank. I wanted to tell the police but I couldn’t because suddenly the strange and dangerous street disappeared and I returned at the jacuzzi. I didn’t understand anything but the only thing that I knew was that the jacuzzi wasn’t a normal jacuzzi, it was a magic jacuzzi. In front of me was a waterfall and I went through it. I appeared in a very beautiful beach and I sat on the sand. I was watching the sea when someone called me: it was the princess. She said: Cristrobal, Cristobal! I went with her, very surprised, and she told me that she was hanging on for me. She hugged me and I closed my eyes. After one minute I opened my eyes and I saw a bedroom, and I was in a bed. I was in my bedroom and in my bed! I continued not to understand anything.

All this story is very strange and the only explanation I found was that it was a dream. A king of dream between a beautiful dream and a beautiful nightmare…

jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Irene predicted Paula's weekend

This weekend you will have a great time. If you go to l’Estartit, you will meet a boyfriend. These days you will spend a lot of money. It is worth going to the beach, because you will have a great time with your friends. Now you will open you mind and meet new people. These days you will go to parties because it’s very crowded in l'Estartit. If you go walking to the mountain, you will get lost. But this weekend your friends will go sunbathing and you will be bored. Your love will be very strong, but finally he will hurt you. If you play the lottery this weekend, you will win.

Maria Segura predicted Roger's weekend

You will have a great time this weekend. You will win a trip to New York.
When you go, you will take a lot of photos and you will also spend a lot of money. But don’t forget! You shouldn’t spend too much money because then you will need money. Also, you will go to the beach with your best friend and you will meet a girlfriend. She will be very beautiful and a good person.
At night you will go to a disco with your friends but you will have a bad experience, because maybe you will lose the wallet and your telephone!
Finally you will have a romantic dinner with the girl that you met on the beach and it is worth eating a lot of food because you will go to the best restaurant of the world!

Judith Lanzas predicted Marti's weekend

This weekend you will have a great time.On Saturday you will win the lottery.You will go to the bank to get the money. When you go out of the bank with the money, two boys will steal you the money and they will start running away. You will run after them.Suddenly you will see a police and you will start shout because take them.Finally you will to get the money.Then you will be very happi, you will decided go to river, there you will think that to do with money.You will think buy the car very expensive and buy the mansion.When you will get up, you will fall in to river.Finally you will lost money.

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

Martí Nolla predicted Ishamara's weekend

This weekend you will have a great time.
On Friday evening you will go to see you new-born brother. In the afternoon you will go to the cinema. Then you will go to a restaurant. You will take lots of pictures. Then you will go home to sleep.
On saturday you will meet your friends and you will go to the beach, and then you will go to a friend'ss house to spend the night there.

On Sunday you will stay at home with you family. In the afternoon you will go to the swimming pool. At night you will go to the fun fair with you friends.

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Carla Segura predicted Martí Muriscot's weekend

This weekend, on Saturday you will go to Los Angeles. You will play pocker. You will bet a lot of money and then, you will be poor, because you will lose all hte money. Your best friend will lend money to you and you will continue playing. In the end you will beat everbody else, and you will recover money.
On Sunday you and your best friend will go to San Fransisco. You will walk on the brigde and you will find a dog. This dog will belong to a rich widow. You will marry her and then, you will keep her money when she dies. You will go back to Toroella.

Anna Masó predicted Irene's weekend.. Let's find out...

This weekend will be fantastic.You'll win 24h for basketball. You will have a great time.It's worth going to l'Estartit. You will meet a special friend You won't go to the beach. Perhaps there will be a big shark.You will find 500€. You won't spend the money. You should keep the money. If you keep it, then you will be able to buy a lot of things! One of your friends needs independence and you can't be jealous!

Paula Figueras predicted Anna Masó's weekend


Anna, this weekend you will have a fantastic time! You will buy the lottery, because it is worth while. Maybe you will win. You will become very rich!

Then, with this money you will go on holidays in Hollywood. It is a lively place. It is very crowded and it is possible that you get lost. However you will phone a helicopter and it will come to rescue you. You will spend all the money with the helicopter. You will have a terrible time, because you will become poor. But calm down! In the helicopter you will meet a rich boy and you will fall in love at first sight. Finally you will marry him and you will became a millionaire again!!

miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Pau Bosch - I will never forget

I will never forget last sumer when I and Sandra got lost in the rainforest. Meanwile Judith and Danielle were sleeping. We were esxtremely hot.

We set off at twelve o'colck. We took a caravan. Suddenly, we found the lake. It was the biggest lake I had ever seen. Later we jumped into the lake and swam. When it got dark, we felt exhausted and we went into the caravan and slept. Suddenty the caravan moved. At that moment we went out and we saw the caravan falling into the lake. I felt extremely scared. At that moment Judith and Danielle found us.

Finally we could go home.

Ishamara - I will never forget

It all began in july of 2010. I never forget the week I spent with my friends in the desert.It was with my boyfriend Jamie, my two fiends and my enemy. It was July but it was hot outside. I can still remember that we were extremely hot.

At some point Amy and I went for a walk arround the pyramides. I couldn't believe my eyes I was with my enemy!Next we went to the pyramides with her. I remenber I got so proud of that trip. In that moment but I didn't know what would happen then. Sara, Jacob and Jamie didn't go with them bacause Sara had to go shopping, Jacob wanted to play the guitar quietly and Jamie wanted to sleep . Then Amy felt bad and she sat on the stone.Suddenly we were followed the secret corridor.Next we were in the secret room. There were mountains of gold reliquies. They kept a lot of those reliquies. Then we went back with the other friends. I felt relieved in that moment.

And the END????

Maria Segura - I will never forget


I will never forget the week that I spent with my friends in Carcassone. It was the most beautiful village I’ve ever seen. It was a village in Catalonia. I remember that it was nighly hot but there is got cloud. I felt very happy and excited because It was a week that I could walk every day and I could know others things.

One day we climbed a mountain, we got up early. Next we had breakfast and finally we began to climb the mountain. The weather was fantastic, it was sunny and it also was hot. When we were in the middle of the mountain, we realized that we were lost. We felt scared and at that moment we thought that the best thing to do was to go back, but we didn’t find the way back home.
When it got dark, we slept because we couldn’t do anything else.
Suddlenly, I heard a noise and I woke up. Yes, that voice was my father’s. All the people were looking for us.

In the end I arrived home healthy and excited! It was the most frightening day of my life!

Carla Segura - I will never forget

I will forget the 3 days I spent with my friends in London. It was a city in the east of England. I remember that it was extremely hot.

I felt very happy, exciting, with my friends. One day we saw the change of guard in “Buckingham Palast”. Then , in the afthernoon we visited “Natural History Museum”. While I was in the museum, I was bored, because I wasn’t interesed. At last we went to the hotel. The second day we swam in the hote pool. Next, we went to the shop and we went to the hotel. Then we went to the party. Last day, two boys stole my bag and I didn’t have money.

Finally, we arrived home and we were very proud because of the trip. It was the most frightening day of my life!

Judith Lanzas - I will never forget

It all began when i went to the rainforest with my best friend Claudia and two more friends, Tom and Jack.In the rainforest, it was extremly hot.

When we arrived in a ghest house, I and Claudia decided to go for a walk in the rainforest at six o'clook, we took come water. Tom and Jack didn't come with us because they angered.While we were walking through the rainforest, we found a abandoned house.When we went into the house, we saw that all was destroyed but there wasn't anyone.Then we looked out the windows and we was thet it was dark.Then we decided to keep in the house.Suddenly we heard some noises.When I got up, I saw all house full of big snakes.Suddenly I started to shout. Claudia got up and she started to shout too.Then, Claudia and I started to run away.I fell on the floor. Next Claudia helped me to get up.

Finally Tom and Jack turned up and helped us.

Paula Figueras - I will never forget

I will never forget the week that I spent with my basket team In the summer camp of Miami. It was the most beautiful city that I have ever seen. It was in the north of America. I remember that the weather was perfect, all the day it was sunny and hot.

We went there by plane, it took us 12 hours from Spain to Miami. But it was worth it!! It all began when we arrived to the summer camp. The landscape was fantastic. As soon as we left the bags, we went to the beach. On the beach there were a lot of people who did surfing, so the next thing that we did was to find a coach. Finally, when we find a coach, he taught us how to do surfing. It was excellent! In the beginning it was very difficult, but when I caught one wave, I felt very proud of myself. Every day we did the same: first we got up very late, then we went to the beach, later we did surfing and finally we spent the whole nights at the parties.

All in all I want to say you that it was the best week of my life. But now I will have to work during three years if I want to pay this trip. It was extremely expensive! However I will never forget it!!

martes, 20 de julio de 2010

Anna Masó - I will never gorget

I will never forget my holidays with my friends in Ibiza. It was a small village in the south of the island. It was very hot.

Everyday, in the morning we went to the beach. Later we had lunch in the campsite. Then in the afternoon we went to the village. Next we had dinner in the restaurant.
One day we went to another beach. It was extremely beautiful and quiet. We swam on this beach. Suddenly I saw a lot of the fish. We played with them.
I felt highly happy. It was the funniest day of my life.
During those holidays we met new girls and boys. Now we are best friends.

In the and we went back home. I will never forget those holidays!